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Anonymous asked: I like your tumblr.
It's not filled with pictures of pot and vodka like everyone else's.

Thanks! I try to put things up worth looking at and things that might make people smile =]



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Your gas entertains no one

Your gas entertains no one

loversdreamersandme asked: This is going to sound very strange but I stumbled across your blog when trying to find more information based on personal experimentation with mugwort. I am more interested in its effects in the form of tea, but the explanation of your dream after smoking it sent my head into a tizzy. Sounds like a very spiritual and enlightening experience! Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person or was that dream sort of out of the ordinary for you? Also, what were some of the other dreams you experienced? Thank you in advanced! :)

hey there!

actually I have been documenting my dreams for my whole life so I remember most of them. I’ve always had a spiritual and in depth mind/dreams so this dream didn’t feel out of the ordinary what so ever. but what did feel different was the stability of the dream. It all around felt more solid and life like. I think the effects of smoking this herb depends on the dreamer. Nothing happened to my friend both times she smoked it. 

but now its your turn to answer! I’m interested in using it in tea form! but I have never done it. how should I make it/ what benifits does it have?



Smoking Mugwort

This past week I was hanging out on the good old hudson river visiting my best friend at school. There, I smoked this Herb called mugwort. sounds like some kind of harry potter plant, doesn’t it? Well this is a legal, cheep, and safe herb that makes you have lucid dreams! It didn’t really effect me right after I smoked it but when I fell asleep I feel into a deep slumber and conjured up some obscure dreams!

My main dream that night:

Me and a friend look two pills which would make us die. They would shrink our organs until me peacefully passed away (it would take a week or so). I did this happily and willingly though. I felt as if I couldn’t serve in this life. I felt like something was blocking me and another life was needed. I took these pills and after a week I was writing thankyou notes to people. I was reflecting on my life and the things I loved. I suddenly felt so attached to every thing in my life. There was still so much music to play and things to continue doing! …. But then I thought of my spirit and what needed to be done. So I went swimming and detached myself from all my attachments in this life and then soon after, detached my self from my body and passed on to another life. 

awesome right? I recommend it

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Look what the tide rolled in

Look what the tide rolled in

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